I was kinda surprised when i woke up on saturday morning to find one of my fishes dead, motioneless on the bottom of the tank. Its tail and fins were gone, presumably nibbled by the others. Its eyes are gone too, something i suspect is fishes’ favourite part of the body.

Its death have me decide that i should change the water for the tank. The water looked too yellowish and i wonder if the fishes are having it hard. I scooped out nearly 3/4 of the tank, top up with fresh tap water plus a teaspoon of sea salt like usual. After the change, the tank looks much cleaner and the fishes seem livelier.

2 hours later, 2 of the fishes are deeeeeaaaad.

I was really at a loss, the remaining two red eyed tetras are actually fading in and out, ready to go over the other side any moment. The three danios are slightly better although they look bloated compared to this morning. The sucker fish looked the same, since it always motioneless at the bottom anyway.

I decide i had to do something fast. Only 2 options came to my mind. One, either change the water again or Two, release them into some lake nearby.

I didn’t have time to really sit down and think. I took them out of the tank. It was not tat simple a task, even though they feel sluggish, they still can escape my small net with ease. Once i had all of them in a small pail, i went to bathe.

Because i had decided to release them, like the two catfish before.

I drove out to the nearby lake. It had just rained so there wasn’t many people there, only the occasional ones trying to catch some small yabbies among the rocks. I let them go under a small bridge.

At that moment, i have no idea if i am doing the right thing. Am i killing them by releasing them? Have i just behave irresponsibly as a pet owner?

I stood around to observe them. I could tell that the danios are pretty at home, ever so lively among the rocks. The sucker fish just laid there so i had no idea if it’s still alive. What hurts me alot was when i see the tetras slowly sinking to the bottom, not even struggling. I didn’t know if they were still suffering from my water change that morning or the lake. They just sank until out of my view.

My steps to the carpark were heavy. I didn’t know what will be the best for them. I didn’t intend to keep fishes in the first place, mini lobsters or yabbies were my interest then. But as the lobsters died one after another, all i had remained were these fishes. And now, they all left me in a manner that i wouldn’t have expected.

I went back home. I looked at the now quiet and empty tank, sadly thought how fast things change, how different things were the night before when i fed them.

My poor fishes. Forgive me for being a poor owner.