Wah, last nite i go pang sai, use toilet paper wipe ka chng and see a lot of blood. Fresh red blood. I tot, siao liao lah, this time sure dai ji dua tiao liao.

So this morning i purposely wake up late and go see company doctor. She see my past records and noted that i last year got see specialist and du ka chng with some scope before. The results was ok but i got a light case of piles lah. That time, the specialist say every tom dick oso got piles, its only they notice or not.

So the doctor this morning ask me go lie on the bed and tng kor. She then tell me to tiam tiam and tong for 5 sec while she use her finger to poke my ass and feel for something extra. Wah liao eh, i nearly scream man. The feeling go all the way up to my throat and i want to vomit after she take her finger out. I cannot talk, i just look at her like tat.

She say most likely is inner rectum got pua peh and ask me not to think so much. Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits and i should be ok. She then gimme some medicine, one to eat, one to stuff my ass de.

My poor ka chng.