For me and GF, Singapore is a pretty boring place. We don’t exercise or participate in sports. We don’t enjoy immersing ourselves in arts or theatre. We do not have an active nite life or do pub-hopping. We are misers so watching shows on weekends are rare too. So you see, we are pretty no-life people.

So we decide to do something different, something we would not have think of in a normal frame of mind. We decide to go up Mount Faber at nite without knowing what is there. Man, we didn’t even know how to get there except i thought that somewhere near Vivocity, there should be a road up.

We thus set out on sat evening around 10pm. Got lost since the road to the food center opposite Harbour Front does not go up to Mount Faber. After vigorously flipping the street directory and bumping around, we managed to reach the top.

I was very surprised to actually see people up there. No just couples who hide themselves in dark corners but families who went up to enjoy the view and breeze (there was none, it was a freaking warm nite). There was even a cafe or bistro up there. Hmm, now this is one side of Singapore i have not seen yet.

I didn’t bring GF up there for hanky panky. We brought our cameras and tripod up there to hopefully capture some nite scenes that can be comparable to what we saw at Hong Kong Victoria’s Peak. Now the view up there was not fantastic, the atmosphere is totally different from Victoria’s peak because it was so fucking hot that i am perspiring from the moment i got off the car. If you have been to the famous peak in HK, you can compare with the picture i took below.

The view is not great because there are simply too many trees in the wrong places.

A nice cosy park at the peak of Mount Faber. Very suitable for couples to spend a quiet moment, especially when this place is still not that well-known.

The Singapore skyline as seen from Mount Faber.

Thanks to the warmth i get, we didn’t stay around for too long. Supper and a cold refreshing drink were on our minds more than anything else.