Upon the cardiologist’s recommendation, i went for a Treadmill ECG yesterday at TTSH.

While a ECG maybe good enuff to determine if there is any abnormalities with the beating heart, it is only 50% accurate. To really know how one’s heart behaves during stress (like running) and recovering, a stress test in the form of a treadmill ECG will be better.

The nurse pasted ten squarish stickers, each come with their own metallic “nipple" which the wires would be connected to. I was instructed to take off my shirt and perform this test semi-nude, on a treadmill in front of a large window where i can see the office blocks on top of Novena Square (or is it called Velo-city?)

I surely hope the windows are tinted.

The wires are connected to a recorder the size of the old days walkman strapped on my waist. An armband was around my upper arm to take my blood pressure at intervals. Another smaller one at my wrist was to measure dunnoe what.

The first is walking. Brisk walking in fact since the treadmill was set at an inclination. My heartbeat, from a resting 80 rose to 110 and eventually settled around 112. After like 3 mins, the nurse told me the speed will be increased but i could still managed by walking. Definitely felt the legs starting to stretch as my heartbeat rose to 120.

After like 3mins, the speed gained again and this time was really very brisk walking. I can start to feel sweat trickling down my forehead even though the room was with air-con. Heartbeat then was at 150.

When the speed increased further after 3mins, i had to start jogging. I hated this because i hated running. As i hadn’t for quite some time been running, my legs are really feeling slightly sore as my heartbeat rose to 166 and blinking red. The nurse told me we had achieved our target of 85% of max heartbeat for me and i can chose to stop. Of course i did.

Although it was just ten over minutes of walking and jogging, i was starting to sweat profusely. i then cleaned myself, the nurse removing the stickers off my chest. Sure feels weird to have stickers on your chest and someone tearing them off.

Won’t be able to know the results yet. If its bad, they will call me before i collapse outside. If nothing is too serious, maybe they will tell me when i get my next visit in Nov this year.