Very interesting news i read on today’s papers.

Headline “Gates fires Air Force top guns over nuclear blunders" can be found on the Straits Times of June 7th.

Read MSNBC version here.

A little extract here from MSNBC, “Defense Secretary Robert Gates ousted the Air Force’s top officials Thursday, holding them to account in a historic military shake-up for failing to ensure the security of sensitive materials, including nuclear missile warhead fuses that were mistakenly shipped to Taiwan."

The top officials are the Air Force Secretary and the Chief of Staff. Chief of Staff!!!! What exactly have they done? Well, the blunders reported are something like that:

1) A bomber flew over US carrying live nuclear missiles, apparently for no reason.

2) Shipping to Taiwan a couple of fuses for nuclear warheads by mistaking them for batteries for choppers.

Should the White House fire these top brass for mistakes like this? No doubt these are serious mistakes with very catastrophic consequences. A nuclear missile could come off the bomber and spark off an internal nuclear war within US, or Taiwan will load the fuses into their chopper and turn them into weapons of mass destruction, pissing China further. I cannot imagine.

Yet, are these two guys, sitting high up in their offices, actually knew of such incidents before and when it happened? I do not think they are there when the missiles are loaded onto the bomber or fuses are on the plane to Taiwan. Oh, did our very own Home Affairs Minister Mr Wong KS knew Mas Selamat was climbing our of the toilet window when it happened? Hmm…

So why can’t the US emulate what our great Singapore gahmen is doing? Oh, maybe is because the consequences of Mas Selamat escaping is not as bad? Won’t he try to link up with his gang and try to crash into our Changi Airport again?

Nonetheless, i applaud our gahmen’s efforts to keep our Home Affairs Minister, Mr Wong KS. Well done Singapore. I am sleeping soundly every nite.