After i got my car, i often get people telling me that my car resembles another make/model. I still find it hard to connect the two cars together since in my opinion, they look very different.

The make/model in question is Hyundai Matrix.

Don’t they look very different?

Compared to my previous post and you should be able to see that mine obviously, is a much more handsome looking, modern and totally in another class. In fact, one is a cheap space mover while another one is a sporty SUV-like hatchback. They shouldn’t even be mentioned in a same sentence!

See how to windows eat into the doors? See that un-inspiring headlamps? See the puny wheels? See that weird looking overall shape? Not forgetting to mention the fugly taillights?

Can see the difference right? They are completely TWO DIFFERENT CARS IN TWO DIFFERENT CLASS!!!!!111

So pls, don’t tell me my car look like that fugly thing from Hyundai. Hyundai do come out with nice looking cars like Avante but Matrix is definitely not. And my car is nice ok?