Today, 12 days after i got my car, i decided its dirty enuff to get a wash. I had never owned a car before so was very clueless about how to wash a car. Luckily, my bro offered to help.

I drove my car to my bro’s condo where there is a covered carpark and readily available washing point. The steps i took are something like this.

1) Rinse with water.

2) Wash with car shampoo and mircofibre sponge. The car shampoo i am using is sponsored by my bro who had gave up washing.

This is the shampoo i used.

3) Rinse to wash off the shampoo.

4) Wipe dry with chamois cloth.

5) Vacuum and wipe the interior while waiting for th car body to dry completely.

6) Spray wax onto body. I jut bought this wax yesterday and was actually unsure initially whether to use since the car body look very shiny after step 4.

7) Wipe off the wax with mircofibre cloth.

The results is not visually noticeable. Was not really expecting something since the body is still new. What i felt is that the body instead of squeaky clean after step 4, is now very smooth to touch.

Here are the results of my 3 hours of hard work.

Very shag. I expected this to be shag but should i know, i wouldn’t have gone home at 3am only to wake up at 8am.