This show is not one that i would anticipate eagerly. Now if you have watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding", this show will be almost a dead ringer.

Boy meets girl. Boy befriends girl. Boy good friend with girl for ten years. Boy plays around with other girls. Girl goes to Scotland for work. Girl meets an incredible romantic guy. Girl bring romantic guy back to see boy. Girl going to get married with romantic guy. Boy wants her back.

Sounds familiar?

Girls have a thing for chick flicks like this. My gf has been reminding me to go watch this show with her since early April. Since i feel like taking a break from the usual saturday morning routine, i suggested to go catch this show today.

Not that i regretted though. Although i would have prefer to catch the “Shinigami no Seido" aka “Accuracy of Death" aka “死神的秘密" starring one of my fav yantao actor 金城武, this show is pretty enjoyable.

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and his long time friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan).

She looks lovely rite? Probably what keeps me watching.

See how Tom’s face turns when Hannah shows him the proposal ring.

Tom fulfilling his promise of being the Maid of Honor for Hannah.

Anyway, here’s how this show goes.

Storyline – 17 / 30%

I think i just summarised the storyline above. Does it sounds interesting to you?

Entertainment value – 20 / 25%

Surprisingly, i don’t find this show boring even though everything is pretty much predictable. Here is what the actress Michelle Monaghan thinks.

“I think what makes it unique from a lot of romantic comedies is that its kind of a romantic comedy for guys is the way I kind of see it," she said. “[It’s] a male point of view. Usually, the girl doesn’t get the guy. The girl has a broken heart. The girl goes to the girlfriends and they help mend the broken heart. So, I thought it was really refreshing, this take on it. My husband went to see it and he absolutely loved it and I got really excited because typically guys always refer to romantic comedies as chick flicks. I’m excited, because I think guys will get taken to this by their girlfriends, but I think they are going to walk out of the theater really entertained."

Cast – 16 / 25%

I know nothing about Patrick Dempsey nor Michelle Monaghan but i must say they worked very well together for that on-screen chemistry. I personally find Michelle Monaghan quite attractive too.

Pace/Flow – 15 / 20%

No too fast until things don’t get explained nor too draggy either.

Overall: 68%

Typical chick flick. Watch the actress if you are dragged into catching this show.