Beyond eating to live or living to eat, eat to live to practise the Dharma. – stonepeace

5 Meal Reflections (of Mahayana tradition)

1. May we treasure every little bit of food, made possible by the efforts of many.
2. May we have done much good to truly deserve this precious food.
3. May there be no attachment to the good or bad taste of the food.
4. May food and drink only be medicine for the illness of hunger and thirst.
5. May energy from the food be for the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

6 Reasons to Go Vege

1. Because a balanced vegetarian diet leads to a healthier and longer life.
2. Because trapped animals lead short fearful lives before painful slaughter.
3. Because 1/3 of all grain breed farm animals while the poor starve.
4. Because meat production causes 18% of greenhouse gases and wastes resources.
5. Because wars are karmically linked to hatred from much killing of animals.
6. Because all animals have been reborn as our kin in previous lives. – Shen Shi’an