I am going to meet my Suzuki SE later this afternoon to pay the rest of the downpayment plus the insurance plus the first installment for my loan.

I look at the figures and feel sad for myself even though i told myself to get over it and move on. My purpose of buying a car then was to get the COE at the pricing then before it rockets. On hindsight, i did not achieve this purpose.

Perhaps my mentality was wrong in the first place. After i signed on the papers, i hoped that the prices of COE will rise as per my prediction. But, the prices of COE after i signed should not matter to me. Afterall, how am i to know?

Dunnoe what i am actually grumbling here. I am just feeling that i am not someone who can be comfortable doing investing and trading. I get upset when i get into the market or exit out of a position at the wrong timing. This COE lesson for me is very costly, about $3.5k which cannot enroll me into those costly Options Trading seminar nowadays.

Lesson learnt? Morale of the story, em, i don’t really know. All i know is, i need to move on to achieve the inner peace.