I just woke up. A simple act that last nite, i thought wouldn’t be possible.

I went home from work and decide to do something healthy. Had a “simple" training run in my mind for the past few days to boost up running speed and reaction. Since the run was supposed to be simple, i pushed my bike out, thinking that i will cycle round the neighborhood to check out the various fuel stations.

The run was thought to be simple. I will sprint the distance spanning between 4 pillars under the MRT tracks and without stopping, reduced to 3 and 2. It something like shuttle run except the distance varies and is overall longer.

The first 2 attempts were alrite. I came in at 31sec but the third one was a killer. I nearly fell after turning but managed to carry on. But once i am done, i felt very terrible.

My chest felt tight, even though i was panting, i couldn’t seem to breath enough. i barely managed to keep myself walking back home and realised that how un-conditioned i am.

Once back home, i didn’t feel like biking anymore. Luckily i didn’t. I tried to take a bathe but once the water from the showerhead fall on me, i nearly black out. My vision was blurred and my head felt like it wasn’t there. I cannot stand straight and had to squat down a couple of times. It sure feels like i am going to black out anytime inside the toilet.

With my heart still pounding strongly and me still trying to catch my breath, i tried to remain conscious to get out of the toilet. Once out, i just slumped onto the sofa and didn’t move at all. I dozed off.

After dinner, i could still feel some throbbing pain in my chest and so went down to the nearest clinic. She saw my condition and wrote a refer letter to Tan Tock Seng A&E. She felt that my heartbeat was simple too fast for my age and something had to be done.

My brother dropped me and my mum at the A&E. Soon after registration, an ECG was done on me. After this, i waited for very long (watched 2nd half of Supernatural, Survivor and some crap show after that) before the doctor saw me. He wanted me to stay overnight for observation and blood test every 4 hours. A chest X-ray was also done.

It was about 1am so i got my mum to go back home first while i was asked to lie on a bed to stay for observation. My heartbeat was slowing down pretty much by then but i could still feel that its working very hard.

At dawn break, the doctor told me that both my ECG results and blood tests are OK. Unable to determine any cause, he recommend an appointment with the specialist one month later. And i was discharged.

It surely feel like i was going to go last nite. All because of that stupid run.