I haven’t been telling people i see that i just booked a car over the weekend. So far, my parents, my brother, 66.6% and one colleague get to know about it. My gf has yet to tell her parents since she expected her parents’ reaction is to ask why we don’t get a flat first.

Booking a car is something to be happy, isn’t it?

So why am i keeping this to myself?

I am not too sure. One thing i cannot stand and wish to avoid is having everyone asking me what is the car i buy lah, how much i pay lah, or telling me what to do when i get the car, what not do etc. Getting advices from people who are more experienced is good, but too much of it can be real irritating and frustrating. So i only ask when and what i want to know instead of people bombarding me with loads of information that i need to filter.

I told my parents because i think they deserve to know. I asked my brother and one colleague for advices because i think they know more than me and most importantly, i know they won’t bug me. 66.6% knows because they just do.

So although i am itching inside to shout “I just booked my favorite car!!!!", i know i won’t. At least not yet.