Its been 3 days since i gotten news that i am now under the status of “Mindef Reserves" and i still cannot quite believe it.

No more IPPT (and the RT that follows).

No more recall manning.

No more in-camps (i am gonna miss this…)

I am still waiting for the golden letter to arrive at my letterbox. That letter will be the official announcement that i am no longer needed by Mindef unless in times of war.

No more IPPT.

No more RT.

No more recall.

I need to keep repeating to drill all these into my head.

Just few days before, i was still worrying on how to pass the IPPT before my birthday is due. I haven’t been running since i came back from Taiwan last year dec and have no intention to start soon. Running has never been one of my favourite activities. I would dread having to attend RT again. All the time wasted travelling to and from the camp. Yucks.

Now that i am no longer forced to run, i may actually be more motivated to do so. My health hasn’t been the best lately due to my sedentary lifestyle. Its time i start tearing my butt of the chair and do some running, cycling or swimming. Its time to do so, when the weather starts clearing.