I went down to the suzuki showroom today with girlfriend to see the SX-4 today. It was pouring very heavily when we wanted to go for test drive so we took a break and came back again when the rain stopped.

First impression is the seating position is higher than a normal saloon. I also noticed that the cabin is very bright despite the black interior and leather seats, thanks to the large glass/window area creating an airy feel. The side mirrors are huge like those you get on commercial vans but do not come with indicator nor folding mechanism.

With some slight adjustments to the seat, we left the showroom and took a leisure (slow) spin around the area. The traffic was pretty heavy and i couldn’t really get a chance to step it up a little. Being slightly higher than saloon, the view is good and i realised that in the driver seat, i am not much shorter than someone in the SUV beside me.

The engine is nosier though i am not fussing over it. Handling is good and the car really points to where you want it to. Pickup is average and the braking is very responsive. Should be a decent drive and well suited for my relaxed driving style.

After the test drive, we discussed with the SE over the details of the deal and worked out some numbers. Overall pretty pleased that i am getting what i want but feel that maybe i can ask or squeeze for something more? But i don’t like to tekan the SE, they are afterall doing this for a living and i always believe in give some, take some.

After we left the showroom, we decided to go to the other branch. Not that we are un-satisfied with the SE that served us, but we want to really get a feel of the car on an empty stretch of road.

At the other branch, i asked for test drive of not just the SX-4, but the Swift Sports (SS) auto as well. Why not i guess, this is a really good chance to feel how good this car has been with all the reviews singing it praises.

With the SX-4, pressing down hard on the pedal really works the engine and it got noisier. But even at moderate speed around bends, the handling capability really shines. I am getting to like this car even more. But nothing really prepares me for the SS. Firstly, the bucket seat envelope me, hugging me snugly and this really feel different from the normal seats in SX-4. Next is the power. A slight depression of the pedal and the engine roared to life, the car surged forward and we are out of the gate. On the empty piece of road, i let fly and gave in to the invitation of the SE to whack the car hard. The feeling is really hard to describe since i never really had the chance to be in a performance car before. Although some might argue that the SS is not really one, the acceleration of the car, the adrenalin rush is really mind-blowing and still brings wave of orgasm to my mind.

When we got out of the car, my girlfriend was all pale. Apparently, she does not take too well to the SS. Too hardcore, too fast and too cramped. Well, can’t please everyone.

What really set the moment of the day was not drive with SX-4 but with the SS. Simply addictive and had not been for the price, fuel consumption and space, the SS will beat the SX-4 hands down. But my heart and brain combined, the SX-4 will still be my choice.