Today is girlfriend’s birthday and we decide to indulge in the Sakae Sushi buffet from 3pm onwards. After we left Toa Payoh HDB hub applying for the ballot number, we still have a few hours to spare. We thus went to the Kah Motors showroom at Leng Kee for a walk. Jazz is an alternative to SX-4. Not the 2008 version since it is only due to arrive at Kah in June and delivery earliest by October.

I went straight to the Jazz, only slowed down to catch a glimpse of the Honda Type R. Realising that car is not within my budget list, i moved on to something more practical.

I drove the Jazz before when we were holidaying in Krabi. There, i booked the car for a day to drive around town and experience something different. It was during that time i got to experience the Jazz and find that it is a no-fuss and pleasant drive. Its all about practicality and fuel economy.

But i find myself swaying towards the SX-4. Its slightly larger and much better looking. Space-wise is comparable and so is the price. The Jazz comes pre-loaded with a lot of convenience stuffs that are good to have but not really needed. What i really need if i should buy a car is something i like on the outside and inside. I think the SX-4 really fulfills the criteria.

Anyway, the SE from Kah told me that the 08 version will come in June. It is also likely to priced at ~S$65k, more that what PI are currently offering. The current version will still be sold but the price won’t go down. Low profit margins, the SE said. So there goes my idea of buying the old Jazz should the price drops below S$48k.

The bloody COE just went up another $1k today and it seems what i predicted will come true. COE quotas will drop slowly but surely, forcing the price to slowly go back to around S$20k for a stupid bloody piece of paper. Then, car prices will go back to the 90s when a simple Toyota Corolla costs S$90k. OMG.

Better act fast.