Was quite looking forward to this saturday after another routine workweek.

Woke up around 7am. My bodyclock is already tuned to this timing and it seems that unless i am not on my bed, i cannot shut it off. I managed to sleep till almost 9 in a chalet last week.

Decide to start the day early and met up with gf at clementi to go down to west coast park together. We are making this a routine every weekend because we wanted to learn to rollerblade together. Today was only the second time we managed to come down and the first lasted mere 5min before the rain started.

The weather was good today, or should i say then. We managed to move, slowly though, and resisted the urge to grab each other. I would say that we made good progress today, far more than what i had expected.

While we are stumbling around like toddlers, we saw two ladies (i think they are sisters, or twins because they really look alike) on blades and moving slowly around the running track. Although they didn’t look comfortable, they are better than us. They look pretty cute too.

After learning for about one hour, we headed to carpark 3. I brought along the S100fs for gf to play around with since the camera has been with me all this while. I let her explore the camera while i settled for the SP-500.

Taken with S100fs.

Taken with SP-500.

Cannot really feel the difference between the two cameras.

Then it started to drizzle and we ran to the nearby Mac. Something good about west coast park is that food and drinks are easily available with Mac around and there are also some quiet spots where we could practice our blading in peace.

After a change of clothes, we head to Vivo City for lunch and some window shopping.

Lunch was a no-fuss at the foodcourt. We bumped around the place and took more photos at the third floor. There was a man-hunt kinda event at first floor but i didn’t take any pictures. Probably should have stayed for the ladies version.

With S100fs.

With SP-500.

Rested at a HK cafe nearby before heading home. It was before we fetch the car at B2 carpark we went into the washrooms near the Candy Empire.

For those who are familiar with that particular gents, there are plenty of urinals. I saw all are empty and so picked one and started my own business. Then this fucking pervert came to the one beside me and tried to act like he was peeing too. But the whole while, he was trying to peek at my kuku jiao while acting nonchalant. At first i didn’t really take note of him until he left and went around me to steal another glance from my left. It was then i find something really suspicious about this uncle and quickly finished what i have to do and go wash my mitts. I saw in the mirror that this fucking pervert was still looking at me. My goosebumps rose and i hurried out.

I am pretty sure that this old uncle is up to no good. If he was done before me, he should have be out of the loo while i was outside waiting for gf to come out. Nabei, really should have informed the security guard about this.

I feel molested. Haha…

We drove down to the Suzuki showroom after leaving Vivo. I wanted to find out the pricing of SX-4 and Swift and if the prices quoted in Autocar mag were any accurate.

Now if the COE prices continue to soar by $1k every month, i may have to bring forward my plans to get a car soon. Need to do the calculations though.

Gf dropped me off at clementi as usual so i took a bus back home. At one of the stops along the way, one young girl boarded and forgot to tap her ez-link card. The bus driver stopped the bus and was pretty unfriendly in getting the girl back to the front to tap her card again. Does he have to be that mean? Is SBS really running on low margins that every passenger’s fare count? I don’t think so loh.

Really tiring day for me.