Haven’t been watching any thrillers for quite some time and so was tempted to watch Vantage Point recommended by girlfriend.

The tagline of this show is “8 strangers, 8 points of view, 1 truth". The main event took place in a town in Spain, where world leaders from Western and Arab nations gathered for a summit on war against terrorism. Right after then mayor’s speech, the president of USA came up to the stage and was shot. Soon after he fell, an explosion was heard a distance away and the stage where the leaders gathered (left soon after the USA president fell) blew up.

This whole series of incidents were first seen through the eyes of Rex Brooks (Sigourney Weaver), a news producer who was covering the event. Through the few cameramen at her disposal, her perspective of the event provided an initial brief and overall view.

The time is rewinded and now the event unfolds through the eyes of Special Agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid). He is one of the few bodyguards for the president with his partner Agent Taylor (Matthew Fox, “Jack" from series “Lost"). This time, the viewer will get another chance to see the event but with little more details added each time. The event/time is rewinded for 5 times, taking the perspective from Agent Barnes, local policeman Enrique, american tourist Howard (Forest Whitaker), President Ashton and finally that of the terrorists. Only during that perspective of the terrorists do the viewer then see the twist and the plot unfolds.

Storyline – 26/30%

The assassination was just a decoy. One should really watch this show to see how the terrorist managed to out-smart the agents. Not without some high-tech tools too.

Entertainment value – 21/25%

I am quite pleasantly surprised by the way the story unfolds. This Rashomon styled of story-telling is something fresh and new to me. Each time the time rewinds, its like the story changes a little and become something quite different.

Cast – 20/25%

The director originally intended to get some big names for the roles of Agent Barnes, Taylor and president. In my opinion, Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox did very well. Having Mel Gibson and Tim Cruise for these roles didn’t really sound right.

Pace/Flow – 18/20%

The pace of the show was ok at the start, got a little tired at the third rewind but then it grew strongly onwards and the car chase scene really got girlfriend squirming.

Overall: 85%

Do catch this show if you like thrillers even though for 90mins, you are basically going through the same 23mins of event again and again. Well worth my time though in my opinion.