33.3% invited me to watch a free show at Bishan GV. Didn’t have much choices so decide to have The Spiderwick Chronicles (TSC).

TSC is one of those fantasy shows that is set in the modern age but with plenty of magical creatures like Harry Potter. The story starts when a mother, separated from her husband, brought her kids to a old house she inherited. Eldest daughter Mallory and the younger brother twins Simon and Jared (played by same person, Freddie Highmore) are the usual squabbling bickering siblings. Mallory is the bitchy one, Simon is the wimpy one and Jared is the braver kid with some attitude problem.

Simon one day discovered a secret room in the house and while exploring around the room, found the Spiderwick’s Field Guide to Faeries. Ignoring a warning note on the book, he read it and soon found him and his family been attacked by goblins. The goblins chief wanted the guide as it would allow it to have the necessary knowledge about all living stuffs and dominate the world (what kind of book is that?).

So how does this movie fare?

Storyline – 22/30%

The story build-up is good, keeping one in suspense over the fate of the author of the field guide. The viewer can also see how the bickering of the siblings turn into cohesiveness and cooperation. The twist near the end of the show is rather predictable and the ending is pretty abrupt so I did feel the ending lacked some bite.

Entertainment value – 17/25%

Did get pretty irritating some point with the bitchy Mallory and wimpy Simon. But other that that, the show did kept me intrigued as to how to story will go.

Cast – 15/25%

Mallory is the high school girl who most fit the idea of eye candy in the show. I don’t know the actors and actresses in this show but this show is not about the stars, isn’t it?

Pace/Flow – 16/20%

The show is well-paced and keeps the story going without really slowing down.

Overall: 70%

On the whole, i find myself pleasantly surprised by how watchable this show is. Even though the target crowd is mainly the younger generations, adults can give this show a try and will be be disappointed if the expectations are kept low.

There is a moral at the end of the show though, we should not neglect the ones beside us while we become very involved in either work or pursuing an interest. Something at the very least that i get from this show.