Ex Machina (actually pronounced as Ex Ma-ki-na) is the sequel to the well-received Appleseed released in 2004. Released only in 20th Oct 2007, we at singapore are pretty late in receiving the official DVD version somewhere mid March. Thanks to my otaku 33.3%, i managed to watch this the same week as Evangelion 1.0.

Appleseed, unknown to many, actually began as a manga from 1985, as did many animations. Pls find out more about Appleseed here if you are not familiar with it.

Ex Machina continues from where Appleseed ended off. The lead protagonist Deunan with her cyborg lover Briareos (i wonder why they design him to look like a rabbit with those ears) are caught in a new terrorist act that not only involved cyborgs but humans as well. They were unable to find out who the mastermind was and things got worse when Briareos himself was affected, once claimed by his doctor was impossible.

Without further ado, lets see how this anime fare.

Storyline – 24 / 30%

Plausible storyline, easy to catch on although it does get a little taxing trying to understand why the mastermind was carrying out this attack. I am not really into all those emotional spiritual stuff so a blur here. Nonetheless, captivating.

Entertainment value – 22 / 25%

Nice fighting scenes and there are some scenes John Woo fans will not be strangers to. Especially when the acclaimed director himself was the producer. Very interesting to watch how Deunan react to her lover lookalike and how the three of them develop.

Graphics – 23 / 25%

Really, they managed to improve on the wonderful work on Appleseed and now the ladies in Ex Machina appeared so flawless and lifelike. This show has really bring the level of animation up to another standard which would be compared to for years to come.

Pace/Flow – 18 / 20%

Barely a down moment. The pace is well rounded with the relationships between Deunan, Briareos and his clone while going on with the bigger plot of the terrorist acts.

Overall: 87%

Anime fans will never miss this great show, both in terms of story and graphics alike. Non anime fans will not be wrong to watch this as this could very well be benchmark for many animes. This is better than the Evangelion 1.0 i watched in the same week, and will most likely make “Brave Story" that i am about to watch very pale in comparison indeed.