Took me some days to get down to writing this review but late better than never rite?

Evangelion 1.0 is part one of a tetralogy (meaning four in total). I guess the second one is named Evangelion 2.0 and so on. A check with Wiki proves i am right.

I shall elaborate a little on what Evangelion is about for the sake of those who are not familiar with this anime series. Originally as manga from 1994 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, it soon became a popular anime series followed by 2 movies (Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion) and now the Rebuild of Evangelion: tetralogy.

The main guy is the show is a 14yr old kid, Shinji Ikari. Constantly emotional, depressed, he is perpetually lacking self-confidence and almost completely anti-social. Sent by his father, whom he has not contact with for a number of years, he was abruptly thrown into a situation to pilot EVAs, hugh mechanical robots (revealed later to be actually something else) to save the world (what else) from Angels (or simply the bad monsters).

The story gets very complicated when explaining why Shinji is chosen for this task, what happened in the past (the First Impact and Second) and the fate and personal story of the other pilots, Rei and Asuka. In Evangelion, there are a lot of incidents linking to the bible and christian stuffs, basically you can say that the producer of this story was somewhat inspired by christianity.

Evangelion 1.0 is something like condensing the first six episodes of the original anime series, which was twenty-six then, and changing some parts of the original. I personally watched the original series at least twice but because i am not really a fan of Evangelion, and given that the last time i watched the series was about ten years back, i cannot really tell the differences. To me, it was like watching the anime series all over again, a more summarized version.

The best part of watching the condensed version is that a whole lot of Shinji’s whining, crying, complaining, bitching about life and his dad are missing. And this really made this show very watchable indeed.

Storyline – 20 / 30%

Nothing much changed from the original, which was quite em, original. Gets very confusing and complicated when it gets to the emotional state of the characters and the deeper meaning behind the story.

Entertainment value – 16 / 25%

A whole lot of effort was put into the building up of the fighting scenes with a whole lot of effort put into the logistics before every fight. Very exciting during those fight scenes but otherwise can get quite boring if you are not really interested in the story and its deeper meaning (like me).

Voiceover – 20 / 25%

Nothing much to complain, nothing much to compliment either.

Pace/Flow – 18 / 20%

Having watched the original series, which was draggy with plenty of sobbing, whining, this condensed version look so much better.

Overall: 74%

Do catch this if you are an anime fan, Evangelion has plenty of cult followers around the world. Even if you are not, this show (and the three following ones) are really a good chance to be able to watch the whole series minus the irritating emo parts.