Its been quite a busy week for me even though there is one less working day.  Work was hectic but what kept me busy were these.

1) Decided last sunday to either (A) give up keeping that pathetic 2 fishes and keep away the tank for good or (B) do a good job of keeping a tank of fishes and be a responsible pet owner. I couldn’t bear to give up the 2 fishes even though i don’t really love them. Releasing them into the reservoir nearby would mean killing them as the habitat is really too harsh. Couldn’t find anyone to “donate" them to so option (B) will be the only choice.

So i went to the market and bought another 4 red-eyed tetras for 70cents each. They will be joining the one red-eyed tetra and black-tailed red tetra i am having.

After the addition, i still felt that something is lacking so went down on wednesday to buy another 3 danios and one water plant on log. Will post the pictures of the new tank layout soon.

2) My desktop was in my room. The tower was stashed away in some corner and so the wireless reception of the internet had always been poor, 60%+ on a good day. This meant that my internet isn’t exactly on a fat green pipe. So i moved my desktop out to the living room, hoping to bypass the router for a wired connection.

The wired connection didn’t work for a reason i cannot understand. I still cannot figure it out but decide that moving my desktop out is a bad idea. My parents will be moving around the living room and my screen is in the open. Any pictures, vids or sounds deem indecent by my parents’ conservative mind will mean that i will be forever be labeled as the “dirty one" in addition to my current list of nicks like “stingy one" blah blah. Means i have to give up my collection of japanese entertainment too.

Decided to move back to the room, but not without some re-arranging of the desk and cabinet layout to facilitate the wireless connection.

3) My GF’s computer died on her on wed. Given that the hard-disk (which is the most suspected cause) was already more that normal lifespan of 3 years, she decide to get a new one.

A day later and a new hard-disk become a new desktop. After instructing her for nearly 45min over the phone on how to salvage the video card and ram, i managed to catch the animation “Evangelion 1.0″ with 66.6%.

And so it came that i spent both Good Friday and the following day at Sim Lim Sq buying and setting up her desktop. Beside most of the hardware installation, i was responsible from giving advice, helping to compare prices, a little hardware setup and almost all the software installation. In short i became something like a Dell technician.

Despite all these, i still managed to find some time to watch “Ex Machina" and bought a stainless steel chain (or necklace?) for myself. After i am done with the room shifting tomolo, i shall get down to the movie review of “Evangelion 1.0″, “Ex Machina" and updates of my new tank.