I went to the IT show at Suntec late this morning. I had to go earlier even though the show opens at 12 noon. Parking slots are very rare if i go late.

I went straight to the fourth floor where almost all camera brands have their booth. Stopped over at Olympus to try out the latest SP-570 UZ and was mightily impressed by the 20x zoom and focusing. I also had a feel of the new E-3 DSLR but cannot imagine myself using such a big and sophisticated camera. I am so not ready for DSLR yet.

So off to the Fujifilm booth. It was only 20min since the show started and there are 3 guys all trying to get their chance on the S100fs. i waited patiently and after about 5min, they left and i had the camera all to myself.

With batteries, it felt slightly heavier compared to the unloaded one i held at MS color couple of days ago. Finally i can try out how this latest from Fujifilm is like.

The manual zoom and focus will take some getting used to, the weight will be cumbersome and i prefer the use of “AA" batteries. Still, i really like the way this camera felt in my hands. Solid and well balanced. This will be a upgrade from my Olympus SP-500.

The price i was offered was S$999 but comes along with 7 freebies. They are 2GB SD cards (2 of them, so 4GB in total), screen protector, tripod (not the useless mini ones), SD card reader, cleaning set, a Fujifilm camera bag and lastly a set of rechargeable “AA" batteries with charger.

Sorry for the dark picture.

I didn’t want to buy on the spot. Reason being that even though i am bent on getting this camera, MS color was offering something like $899 with one 2GB card and camera casing. The $100 will make quite a difference.

Before i left the booth, the salesperson told me that he can offer me a better price if i can confirm my intention to buy one. Now this could be the winning factor here.

After lunch and discussing with my girlfriend, we decided to get from the Fujifilm booth. The discount price quoted was slightly below our expectations but we decided to buy anyway.

So i went home after spending 4 hours at the IT show, S$1000+ poorer from the purchases today.

Some pictures of my new camera, taken with my not-so-old one, Olympus SP-500UZ. Used my handphone, Sony Ericsson W850i to take comparison pics of the 2 cameras.

SP-500UZ on the left, Fujifilm S100fs on the right.

The battery is still being charged now so it means i cannot take any photos yet.