I finally get to shoot some pictures today. Was too shagged out yesterday.

I still can’t quite get used to the weight and having to use both of my hands to operate the camera. And i find that the space between the grip and lens is rather cramped.

The whole camera has a solid feel to it. While moving it around, i can feel some little vibrations in it, could be the continuous auto-focus at work. The shutter lag short, and so is the time taken to produce the picture on the LCD screen.

I feel that the LCD screen is something of a let down though. While trying to take close up macro shots, the screen resolution is somewhat disappointing. The resolution is not that good and sometimes it makes me wonder if i have got the focus right or the screen is not good enough.

But as you can see, the picture taken above of my helldiver is better than i could achieve with SP-500.

Now i am only but just an amateur photographer. I do not go in-depth into the science and physics of photography, prefer to have a camera to just point and shoot with occasionally some controls over how i want the picture to be. Was pretty frustrated with SP-500 because i often find it unable to focus, the electronically manual focus is not that good. With this S100fs, i am able to have more control over the focusing. And this is one of the main reasons why i bought this latest from Fujifilm.

Liked the way the colors are produced on this picture. I have heard from 33.3% that Fuji cameras are better than most of the other brands when it come to reproducing colors. The colors from SP-500 are usually pretty soft unless i adjust the saturation.

The S100fs comes with three auto-bracketing function. One allows me to take the same picture in their Provia, Velvia and Soft settings. Another one allows me to take in three dynamic mode, will try out and post some pics here later.

So far, i am quite impressed with this S100fs. The amount of controls i can have is way more than SP-500 (or some will argue that i have yet mastered the Olympus) but i find myself learning again. It actually feels good to learn how to take pictures with this camera.