Went to Bishan yesterday to catch the show “Meet the Spartans" with 66.6% of my readers.

The theatre was pretty empty. Not more than twenty person in the whole cinema. I guess this is not really a “must-watch" movie for most singaporeans.

This show is a spoof of the really classy show “300“. What was in “300″ was that Spartan King, Leonidas led 300 of his soldiers to fight to the death against the Persians. This is a true event, more popularly known as Battle of Thermopylae. With just 300 of his finest men, Leonidas managed to hold off over one million of Xerxes’ Persian army by cleverly using the landscape.

“Meet the Spartans" is also about King Leonidas and how he died in the battle. The outcome is the same as “300″ but the process is totally different. This show is all about mindless jokes and antics, mimicking American Idol judges, Britney Spears, Brad & Angelina, Paris Hilton along the way.

1) Storyline – 5 / 30%

What storyline?

2) Entertainment value – 18 / 25%

Entertaining in the sense that throughout the 80min of this show, i was laughing 80% of the time. The scenes after the credits are worth staying for.

3) Cast – 18 / 25%

I only know Carmen Electra and nobody else. Yet the rest of the cast managed to look like who they are supposed to mimic.

4) Pace / Flow – 13 / 20%

Pace cannot count for anything in a show that has no storyline. Its purely a movie full of crap for you to laugh it all out. Great way to de-stress though, perfect for what has been a terrible week at work for me.

Overall: 54%

Watch this show if you have caught “300″ and familiar with American Idol and other similiar variety shows. If not, there may be couple of times where you catch no ball like me. But other than that, this is purely a “for laughter" movie only.