During my army days, i dreaded hearing the words “SOC".

To those who are not familiar with what singapore men do during their 2 years of waste, SOC is a test not unlike IPPT to gauge a soldier’s fitness. The 1.5km is the standard one which all combat fit personnel has to clear. There is also the 5km SOC for my unit and 10km SOC for the officers. To refresh your nightmares, here is a short recap of your dearest SOC.

Anyway, in the standard 1.5km one, one has to run, em or mostly walk, 1.5km while clearing eleven obstacles. The eleven obstacles are in the order as follow:

1) low wall

2) parallel bar

3) stepping board

4) swing trainer

5) low rope

6) horizontal beam

7) swinging bridge

8) balancing logs

9) the gate aka suicide window

10) jacobs ladder

11) ramp

If you are a NS man, ex NS man like me, or still an NSF, you will know how high the low wall seem when you reach it. The low rope seem to be endless no matter how hard you pull yourself up. And after all these, there is still a run back. I hate those days.

Having to run SOC always a pain in the ass. Nobody after BMT wants to run SOC again, heck, no one before BMT wants to run SOC. Why can’t they make SOC more enjoyable?

So may i present the SOC that you will love to run, maybe over and over again. You definitely don’t mind getting stuck at anyone of the obstacles, which have been cut to just eight. Ready? Your timing starts now…

1) low wall

2) swing trainer

3) low rope

4) horizontal beam

5) swinging bridge

6) balancing logs

7) the gate aka suicide window

8) jacobs ladder