Saw this article in today papers titled “Do Singaporean women expect too much?" and surprisingly, a survey has shown that the below behaviours are expected of our local guys.

Not in order of preference, since all are expected.

1) Open car or restaurants doors

2) carry handbags

3) pick up the tab

4) send them home after the date

5) initiate celebrations

6) dress up for special occasions

Wow. Is this for real? Our local women really expect all these?

Get back to Earth, ladies. If you can find one singaporean guy who does all the above for his partner for at least a year, i will be so willingly banish myself out of singapore (where i am sure females out there are more realistic).

Firstly, i am rather bothered by the fact the women has always strive for an equal status as men yet at the same time feel men should be doing this and that. We men have never wanted us to be equal. We understand that being opposite in sex means that there will be always be inequality. We understand that and are fully fine with it. So lets leave the color combination of the curtains and the sofa to the ladies while we carry on with the broken pipe, get the idea?

Secondly, when a lady expect her man to perform the above mentioned acts, did she sit down and think to herself how she can “live" up to her man’s expectations? Has she ever asked her man (if she has one) what is expected of her?

Sorry, but i think that when a woman has high expectations, its unlikely that she herself is something of a man’s dream. What does a man expect of his woman?

Seriously, down-to-earth guys like me (which are plentiful in singapore) don’t really need a 林志玲. Yes, she looks stunning and is almost our perfect woman, but set too high the standards and we are going to be alone for a very long time, if not eternally. We just need someone who

1) love us and respect our parents

2) looks decent and presentable, anything additional is a bonus

3) share some common interest but let us pursuit our own

4) do not try to change us or our men’s inclination towards toys

5) do well in aspects of life that we can’t. Map reading not included.

See? It isn’t too hard to fulfill all these rite? I don’t expect my other half to fetch my slippers the moment i get home, prepare my bath while i change or gimme a massage after dinner. I get realistic because i know no woman in singapore can do these anymore.

Our local ladies should be too.