When i started this silly blog of mine, i have no intentions nor plans as to how this blog should develop into. I just treat this as a venue to vent my frustrations, share my joy and let 66.6% of my readers know how i am doing. My blog is not like others where a faithful bunch of strangers would come and read on an occasional basis. Since i do not have a favourite topic that would arouse the interest of the general public, i can understand so.

Sheylara posed on her blog how she felt bad when she didn’t post often enough. I too get that kinda feeling, although sometimes i would think “write so much for wat? nobody is really interested anyway…"

I also shared her sentiments of wanting to snap pictures whenever i see something interesting. When i first started this blog, i would often bring my camera out in hope that something extraordinary would come along for me to write in my blog. Yet when i do see something worthwhile, i hesitated. I am not sure why though.

So how does things look from now on? Where should my blog goes from now?

Seriously, i have no idea. My social circle is not big, my hobbies are limited to pretty indoors and solitary. My work is boring to the core and so is my life most of the time. How can i have enough substance and material for my postings?

I have no idea.