Today has not been one of my finest day.

Firstly, work has been getting increasingly challenging and at the same time frustrating. Its challenging because i have to revamp a whole set of standards and rules for my operators to follow. Frustrating because i have to understand the original version (which was written in rather poor english) and write in a manner that mindless people can understand and follow. It isn’t easy and i just have to do it.

Secondly, just mins ago i wrote a post on how swimming as an exercise, can build up one’s shoulder and chest (pectoral) muscles. I even attached a picture of Joscelin Yeo, our local pride to illustrate the point. Why am i on this topic?

I went swimming yesterday and in the pool, i noticed a lady who had that swimmer body. Well developed shoulder (deltoids) and neck (trapezius) from all that swimming. Nice looking except that this was a lady i am referring to. Yucks.
Thirdly, wanted to write a post on how the new ruling on car ownership will affect the car prices. The number of COEs issued will drop drastically then and thus pushing up the prices even more. $12k for a sub 1.6lit is expensive? Wait till you need to fork out $30~40k for that bloody piece of paper. Welcome back to the age of $100k for Toyota Corolla.

Decided against writing such a post because after all the time spending to understand and write it all down here will upset my already super-sian mood even more. Why bother?

The only thing that can lift my mood slightly is the small piece of paper i am holding in my hands. I got this small present, in the form of a TOTO ticket for tonite’s draw. Now, i have never gambled in the form of TOTO, 4D, soccer betting, horse racing etc and i will never do. Yet just by holding this ticket, i cannot help but imagine what it will be like if i won the grand prize, what i am going to spend on, where i am going and so on. I can also see that the more hopeful i get, the more disappointed i am going to be when the results are announced.

I cannot really take disappointments, so its better that i don’t gamble.