Finally, after two weeks into its release, i was able to catch this latest show by Stephen Chow today.

I always enjoyed watching Stephen Chow. Prior to CJ7, there were the Shaolin Soccer and Kungfu Hustle. Even longer ago most of my peers will remember shows like 西遊記大結局之仙履奇緣, 食神, 國產零零七 etc. Every now and then, we still can remember fondly of the jokes in his shows and especially and classic lines

" 曾經有一份真誠的愛情放在我面前,我沒有珍惜,等我失去的時候我才後悔莫及,人世間最痛苦的事莫過于此。如果上天能夠給我一個再來一次的機會,我會對那個女孩子說三個字:我愛你。如果非要在這份愛上加上一個期限,我 希望是……一萬年!"

So how is his latest offering CJ7?

This show is taking a departure from his usual line of 無理頭 (senseless) antics and is more into family orientated and being heart-warming as well. One won’t see so much of him in the whole show. His son, played by young actress Xu Jiao, is the main character of the show. Also missing much are the usual slapstick humor but there are many references to Stephen’s previous shows.

CJ7 is about this poor chap (Stephen Chow as Ti) living with his son (Xu Jiao as Dicky). Working as a coolie and heavy in debts from his wife’s funeral, he worked day and night to send his son to a prestigious school. He often would tell his son to study hard, so as not to become like him.

Being poor, he has to seek among the garbage to get shoes for his son. Unable to buy the latest toy that Dicky wanted, he found this green rubbery ball from the trash and offered it to his son as a replacement.

Dicky is often bullied in school because he does not come from rich families that many of his classmates do. His form teacher always despise him, much to the displeasure of another teacher Miss Yuen (by Kitty Zhang).

I am not going to reveal anymore of the plot since i think if you are genuinely interested, you should watch this show. Not for the laughter but you may be moved near to the end of the show, something not seen since 仙履奇緣.

Here is how CJ7 fares.

1) Storyline – 25 / 30%

Heartwarming when you see how the poor father and son still can have fun even though they are so poor. Heart wrenching when the the father’s boss and Miss Yuen reacted after the doctor broke the news.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25%

There was barely a moment in the whole show do i feel bored. Even though i see less of Stephen, his “son" managed to keep the show lively with her acting. Although this show is meant more for families rather than the usual crowd, there are still some scenes bearing the trademark of Stephen Chow.

3) Cast – 21 / 25%

The supporting cast are very good too, especially 六師弟 (林子聰) as the boss. But the most eye-catching is Miss Yuen. For the humsub in everyone of us, here are some pictures of her.

4) Pace / Flow – 14 / 20%

The pace of the show is alrite, and since the story is kinda short, the whole show is less than 90min. Well worth in my opinion though.

Overall: 82%

After the show, my girlfriend was lamenting how she missed the usual stuff from Stephen Chow’s shows. I missed those too, but i am happy that i caught this show.