It has always been a tradition of me and my 66.6% readers to catch a movie after reunion dinner and hang out after that. No exception this year and we went to watch this show by 周杰倫 called the 功夫灌籃 (Kung Fu Dunk).

Not that the three of us are fans of him. His songs are pretty ok although we would prefer him not to slur his lyrics. He don’t have that kinda kiam pa (欠扁) look but he is not yan tao too (can pick his look-alikes in Orchard anytime).

My first impression when i entered the cinema is that general age group of the crowd. Mostly teenagers and girls accompanied by their boyfriends who don’t look very pleased to be seen there.

So what is this show about? Beware! Spoilers ahead!!!

Jay is 方世杰 (i tot i saw 方世玉, or is this a intended reference?), an orphan sent to a martial arts school when small and grew up there. Once his amazing ability of shooting accuracy was found by this poor uncle (by 曾志偉). This poor uncle saw a chance to turn 方’s ability into a money making scheme.

He got 方 into a basketball team in a local university, hoping to use this as a platform to get fame and money for both of them (more for himself). He cast 方 as a orphan hoping to find his parents through playing basketball. (crappy rite?)

陳柏霖 is the basketball team captain and Charlene Choi is his sister and 方’s love interest.

So how do i rate this movie?

1) Storyline – 10 / 30%

Crappy. The story seem very patchy and made up last min kinda job. Some parts are just throw in your face and left there. Left me quite disturbed throughout the show.

2) Entertainment value – 12 / 25%

Its entertaining value held up by 曾志偉 alone. I felt that he tried very hard to support the show even though there is nothing there.

However, if you are a Jay Chou’s fan, the score would be 25/25. I barely chuckled at all those silly poses and antics by Jay in the show. I pitied those boyfriends in the cinema while their girlfriends are all head over heels with Jay.

3) Cast – 18 / 25%

Catch a cameo of 吳宗憲 at the start of the show. Plenty of experienced veteran actors and actress to lend their support in an otherwise plot-weak show. For me, 曾志偉 ran the whole show almost single-handedly.

4) Pace / Flow – 11 / 20%

Average pace, but i almost cannot take it after the basketball match final. I thought the show would be over then but the director decided to throw in another twist. I had never wished for so much for the show to end quickly. For me, the end didn’t come soon enough.

Overall: 51%

Definitely a must watch if you are a fan of Jay Chou. If you just like his songs and nothing else, you may want to try but i wish you good luck. If you never liked him, pls avoid this show at all cost.