I went for my last in-camp training from 21st Jan till 1st Feb.

When i was in my 2nd year of my NUS, i was called up to begin my six-year cycle of In Camp Training (ICT). During that time, i hated ICTs as they were always in the middle of my semester break and ruined what could have been a well deserved break from all the studying (not that i studied a lot).

When i started working, i began to look forward to ICTs. Its the time of the year when i get to meet my buddies and get a well deserved break from work. I don’t meet my army buddies except when during ICTs since we are busy with our work and personal life. Its quite amazing when you see someone once a year and be willing and confident in him to poke a catheter into my arm. I am a medic you see, and every year we need to refresh ourselves in our Intra-veinous procedures before ICTs.

And ICTs offered me a chance to get away from everything. From my work and my sometimes nagging girlfriend. From home too. In short, ICTs are a brief two weeks respite from life.

So its during this last ICT, since i have plenty of time to myself to ponder and think alot. Friends that are close yet see so little of each other. My camp which bring back memories of sweat, blood and also joy and laughter. My ex-superiors who taught me to become what i am today. My first 老婆 (now in the shape of SAR-21). I probably won’t be seeing them as often now. And probably never ever work, sweat and bleed together again.