Bought a copy of the motoring mag and in it, the best of each class of vehicles are listed according to their editors preferences.

Thought their choices were not to me liking. I have always think that in magazines like Torque, motoring, the editors always prefer continental cars (ie BMW, Mercs, Audi etc) compared to those from Asia (ie Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai etc).

So i shall have my own awards. These will be based on a hypothetical scenario that if i am to buy a car from that class, which one would it be? Assuming $$$ is not an issue of course.

So lets get going!

Hatchback – Suzuki SX-4

Do i need to explain my choice? For me, the SX-4 wins in the looks department. And it does not compromise on the space and comfort. Although the FC is poorer compared to Honda Jazz, i am not worrying about it yet. So SX-4 is clearly the winner.

Fiat Bravo is a good choice too.

Small Saloon – ???

For me, i would rather get a hatchback than a small saloon. The 3 boxed shape just don’t appeal to me when in small size.

Large Saloon – Honda Accord

Can’t explain. The Toyota Camry is supposed to be better since its out-selling Accord and i experienced first hand the comfort of Camry recently. Yet i just prefer the Accord.

Junior Executive – Lexus IS250

This class was made possible by BMW 3series. Yet today, i feel that the effort of Lexus in the form of IS has pipped the 3 series to the title. It just look and feel faster. The new Merc C-class looks fierce and close too.

Executive – Honda Legend

I am sure many will be puzzled to my choice. Won’t the 5-series, E-class or and A6 be better?

I am not too sure too, but if given a choice, i would take the Legend. Supposed to be the flagship of the Honda range, i am sure it has something special.

Large Executive – Lexus LS460

To me, it just look better and classier than 7-series or S-class. And looking classy is very important in this category.

Small/Medium SUV – Suzuki Grand Vitara

Supposed to drive like a car, supposed to retain its mud-ploughing abilities. What more can i ask for?

Large SUV – Mazda CX-7

Large SUV don’t have to be an all rounder. They basically are there to fulfill the need for space and CX-7 fits the bill while looking and drive fierce too.

MPV – ???

I will never buy a MPV. NEVER!

Coupe – Mazda RX-8 or Porsche Cayman S

If i need the extra 2 seats, i would take the RX-8. Otherwise the Cayman S will be nice.

Convertible – Mercedes SLK 55

Cute and powerful. Make sure those Evo-s and STIs cannot outrun me.

Supercar – Nissan GTR

No need to explain.

So this is the list of cars that i would like to own. It is not possible in my this lifetime, but its really nice to have fantasies like these, isn’t it?