My reservist started today at Nee Soon camp where i am to undergo two days of medic refresher training before i go back to my camp.

After lunch, i felt a weird taste in my mouth. Its not the fried rice i had a while ago and i was trying hard to try to remember when i had felt this before.

I did. And its not a good thing. I was bleeding from my gums again.

Somewhere back in 2006 december, there was this nite where i suddenly had heavy bleeding in my gums. I didn’t know how i can stop the bleeding, so i tried using ice to apply to the bleeding area and it was helpless.

I went down to the nearest 24hr clinic nearby, about 3 bus stops away. The doctor on duty was a young chap. He seemed lost as to how he can help me. In the end, he asked me to go home with a few gauze in my hands.

The bleeding didn’t stop after i reached home. I simply could not sleep in this state so i went down to Tan Tock Seng hospital only to get rejected at the A&E because they have no dentist on duty. Another midnite cab ride to General Hospital.

Fortunately, there was a dentist on duty. It took almost 2 hours to get through the registering and triage before i was waiting outside the dentist’s room.

All this while, my mum was with me, from the 24hr clinic to SGH. I felt that i could do this alone but she insisted on accompanying me. Was afraid i would collapse bah.

The dentist on duty at SGH saw my condition and stuffed some small wire gauze into my gums to stop the bleeding. It worked and amazingly, i could not feel the wire gauze at all.

By the time the whole affair ended, its nearly 4am when i reached home.

The next morning, i went to a nearby dental clinic. The dentist with her horrible tools worked in my mouth to remove the plague that was causing the infection that led to the bleeding.

So when i felt the blood today, i knew a visit to the dentist is inevitable.

She commented that its been quite a while since i last came. 14 months don’t seem that long to me.

This time it was bad. It hurts like hell and i was trying my wholly best not to raise up my hand to beckon her to stop. It just went on and on although i knew that the scrapping tool will only go through my gums once only. That 15min felt like eternity.

When i finally get to rinse my mouth, i realised how much blood i lost. The whole basin was stained red, some of the blood had clotted up into bits and the scene really sucked.

My whole t-shirt was stained with whatever flew out of my mouth during the whole process and my face kenna too. It was all a mess when i am done.

I felt so emotionally strained when i came out of the room. The other patients saw my ghostly face and i thought i could see them gulping with fear. Hahaha…

So from today onwards, i must take better care of my teeth. And remember to visit the dentist in 6 months. If i remember.