Just minutes ago, i woke up from my nap and was all awake when i saw my last lobster lying on its back at the bottom of the tank, motionless.

Its dead.

The two fish are still ok. But what could have happen?

Well, this afternoon, before i change water, the lobster was still its usual self. I replaced around 1/3 of the water with fresh tap water. Before i poured in the last pail, i put in the normal amount of sea salt to dissolve first.

I cannot understand what could have happen. If something is wrong with the water, the lobster should be the last to get affected since it can climb onto the ornaments inside the tank to “escape". The fish should be the first to go.

I took it out, put it inside a plastic bag and throw it into the chute. I am sad, yes, its the last of my 3 lobsters and the biggest. Yet i am not that very sad, removing and throwing away the dead lobster as if it was routine job.

It had been quite an experience to keep lobsters crayfish as pets.You can literally see their growth when they moult. You can understand their character from the way they fight with each other. Something you may not see if you keep dogs or cats.

Yet as time goes by, the novelty of keeping lobster as pets slowly wore on. I still like the three lobsters that i keep, cannot say the same for others.

I hoped i had gave them a good life while in my care.