Found this on yesterday papers.

Foreigners like me can now stay in Hong Kong without first securing a job. I can stay there as long as i can support myself and my dependents (if any). Also, i get higher admission points if i am bi-lingual in English and Chinese.

Why is HK doing all these?

Like Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul, HK is facing a greying population and dipping birth rates. To maintain their competitiveness, they have to attract more foreign talent.

Good news for me, though may not be useful. I always like HK. Good food, nice city, pretty girls and great sceneries are qualities that HK can boast over singapore. Although i can’t speak cantonese, i always enjoyed my trips to HK. I like how i can blend into the streets, eat food from the streetside stalls and shop till my wallet is dry.

But will it feel the same if i am to work and stay there?

I think maybe not. You can often hear tourists singing praises about singapore, how clean the streets are, how polite the people is, how nice the food and weather and blah blah. Yet how many singaporeans feel the same way?  Even my boss, who is a japanese, likes singapore for some of the things he don’t get in Japan. I think the fad will wear off after some time and soon, if he is really exposed to the local scene like us, singapore will just like me any other place, full of the ugly and bad things.

So in the end, HK will just be another nice place for vacation.

However, if i do really get the chance, i will want to get a taste of working and staying in Japan. That will be really nice.