This is the sequel to the AVP and it picks up straight from the first, when the dead predator warrior was retrieved by its comrades and placed on a ship due for their own planet.

The dead warrior was impregnated and a hybrid, a Pre-alien was born. Chaos followed in the ship and in the midst of battle, the ship crashed back to Earth, of course!

None of the Predators survived, kinda weird since i don’t really believed that several Predators are no match for a Pre-alien.

The ship crashed in a small town in US (where else) and the Pre-alien, along with several face-huggers escaped the ship. A Predator in their home planet was informed of this disaster and set off to Earth to pick up the mess.

Its all blood and gore, yucky saliva from the aliens, luminous green blood from the Predator from then on. The Predator that came is experienced and has a wide array of weapons at his disposal. He seem to be focused on mess-clearing rather than the glory seeking Predators we are more used to seeing.


1) Storyline – 25 / 30%

I gave rather high marks for storyline since firstly, it picked up where the first one left off, secondly, there is a “logical" flow to the whole story, unlike the first one taking place in an underground pyramid?!

A small town (Gunnison Colorado) in US is more plausible.

2) Entertainment value – 24 / 25%

Extremely entertaining for me since i has always been a fan of alien vs predator. Not so much for my girlfriend who kept squirming throughout the show.

3) Cast – 13 / 25%

The cast is so-so. No humans inside that really connect to the audience so when they killed, i don’t feel anything. Felt a tinge of pity when Jesse got killed when she ran into the path of the Predator shuriken though.

4) Pace / Flow – 8 / 20%

The pace is alright. The flow is flawed, the actions sequences interrupted by scenes of the humans going about their business. Probably trying to make more of a human storyline, the pace is pretty bad.

Overall: 70

Now take note that this is an extremely biased review of AVP2. As i mentioned, i am a fan and hungry for them to slug it out. The humans in the show can die for all i care so the normal movie or show reviewing doesn’t apply here.

In truth, this show has gotten some really sucky reviews. Well, can’t please everyone.