Went down to Chinatown to collect my orders of the Revoltech figurines, No.40, the ARL99B Helldiver and No.41, limited edition red Brocken.

I wanted the red Brocken because its limited edition. The blue one is more common and i already have one though that’s not from Revoltech but Bandai.

So as soon as i got bathed and freshen up myself after reaching home, i delicately took them out of their boxes. Posed them up together with the Griffon and AVR-0.

Brocken vs AVR-0

Had this been in the actual story of Patlabor, i have no doubts that AVR-0 will win in this face-off. In fact, the AVR-0 is supposed to be one of the best labor in the whole series, had Noa Izumi been more familiar with this machine, Griffon will stand no chance.

Built like a heavy armor tank, the Brocken is a tough opponent too.

Slugging it out on my bed, to be my partner for the night?

This is one of my favourite labor in the series.

Used by the Japanese Self-Defence Force, the ARL-99B is an airborne labor that is featured on-off in the OVA and the first movie.

Griffon vs Helldiver.

This is pretty an even match in my opinion. They never really did managed to square off with each other in the whole series. I am quite divided since Griffon is my favourite but Helldiver is better built overall.

I am rather squeezed for space now in my display cabinet and my Ingram movie version is not here yet. As you can see, its very cramped indeed.

Gundam DeathScythe is kinda upset at being having to face Griffon backside from now onwards.