Vexille" is the latest anime to be shown at the Picturehouse at Cathay.

The name does nothing to tell what story this anime is about. The movie poster of a very handsome lady in futuristic armor suggest that the timeline is set far ahead of us.

Set in the year 2077, the story is set on an american lady by the name “Vexille". She is a member of an elite squad “SWORD" together with her lover Leon.

In the year 2077, things are very different. Japan, being more technologically inclined and advanced than other countries, developed ways to create androids. This is fiercely opposed by the UN so Japan, refusing to take a backward step in their quest for technology advancement, withdraw themselves from the UN and went into a total solitary state similiar to the one they did long long time ago.

This time though, its different. Using technology developed mainly by the mega corp Daiwa Industries, Japan was able to keep out intruders, radio waves, satellite imaging totally and at the same time, no one leave. For 10 years since 2076, nobody knows what happen to Japan.

It was widely suspected that Japan, under Daiwa Industries, continued on their ethically incorrect project, and rightly so when SWORD nearly managed to capture one guy from Daiwan, only to get his artificial leg.

A very different anime, in the sense that Japan is not portrayed as a righteous country which can do no wrong (what you get in american films). Very little nationalist sentiments in this anime. In fact, at the end, there is no a single person from Japanese race left.

1) Storyline – 28 / 30%

The storyline is something very different from what we are so used to from Japan, so different that its actually refreshing. A slight twist of love is added to spice up an otherwise very sombre mood.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25%

With such a fantastic storyline, its not hard to get so entertained. This anime does not let down with some of the usual action scenes.

3) Voiceover – 15 / 25%

There is no cast in animes, so voiceovers are very important. Didn’t score highly in this aspect since i find it funny that americans speak japanese so fluently that i initially thought “Vexille" is japanese.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20%

Engaging pace and flow, some of the scenes keep me at the edge of my seats while some left me a brief respite for more twists to follow.

Overall: 83/100