After 6 years, the current Jazz (or Fit as its known as in Japan) is due for a new model.

Earlier on, i mentioned that this could well take over as my target should i choose to buy car this year. Appearance aside, the biggest tempting factor will be its acclaimed fuel consumption of 24km/litre. While in the congested roads of Singapore, this is not feasibly achievable, 16km/litre should be reasonable and expected.

Lets take a look at the interior this time round. First off to the dashboard which is the view all potential owners will care most about.

The satellite system shown here will most probably be replaced by a single din sound system.

I especially like the way the main dash is designed. Two circular vents sandwiched the speedometer, giving a very 3-D feel. The steering wheel looks like something from the Civic, and most probably will come without audio controls for the local market.

The front seats are spacious and the cabin is airy. The triangular window before the A-pillar is large and will aid in visibility.

One well-liked feature of the old Jazz, the flat floor has been retained in this new one. Should be comfortable for three passengers.

We may not see this for our local market. The sunroof extends to the rear passengers as well, creating a whole new bright and airy feel to the whole cabin. Something that i will really want to experience is to have this during a heavy downpour day. Should be a very interesting view.

The only letdown for me so far, from the pictures online, has to be the exterior design. It hasn’t grow on me yet, meaning i don’t really fancy the design. It look too much like a bloated Yaris with sharper lines.

For those who want to see the official webby of Fit from Honda Japan, see here.