Happy New Year to all!!!

Its now 4 minutes past 12 and 2007 had just slipped past. A new year has begun, time to make my new new year resolutions.

1) Its about $$$. I must keep track of my expenses more diligently. Also, i must learn to be more thrifty and spend less on things that i do not really need.

2) Be happy with what i have, be it the people around me, or the things i possess. When i am happy with what i have, i will then spend less, fulfilling (1) above.

3) Work my way towards good health. 2007 has been a year of medical checkups for me. I have been through colonoscopy,  endoscopy, ultrasounds etc. I also went through another time-wasting 2 months of RT. Its about time that i start to take care of myself by eating right and exercising more. For a start, i am borrowing roller-blades from my brother. When i am more healthy, i will then spend less on medical bills, in a way helping (1) above too.

4) Kick the habit of procrastination. This is going to be hard, maybe i should put it off till 2009.

5) Learn more new stuff. Since i am interested in photography, cooking, i will start to devote more time into these. Surely more meaningful than playing PC all day long.

I just noticed that most of my new year resolutions are pretty similiar to last year’s. In other words, i didn’t managed to achieve what i want.

Anyway, in true otaku fashion, i was watching anime at the strike of 12am. May 2008 be a year of more anime to come!!!

Enjoy, may this year be full of joy and happy dreams.