After a comfy and snug sleep in the luxurious room, we had breakfast prepared by the 民宿 lady boss. The breakfast wasn’t much, sandwich with coffee/tea, some fruits and pudding. Weird combination rite?

Our cabby picked us up, having changed our tickets destination to 九份 instead of going back to Taipei straight. He highly recommended us to pay a visit there even though he had never went there before.

And so we went. The train ride took around 2 hours plus since 九份 is nearer to Taipei than 花蓮. On the train, i could barely sleep while my friends were knocked out cold.

We had to get to a bus stop across the train station after alighting to get to 九份. The bus ride itself didn’t take long, but the ride was to go up a narrow two lane road uphill not unlike the one in Gentings.

This is what 九份 looks like after alighting from the bus.

Basically, 九份 is a small town along a hill. Once, this place was famous for the gold deposits found here. Now, it is famous for mostly the local produce and 名產. When we arrived, it was raining and barely noticeable.

Another view, this time looking down the mountain.

Supposed to be able to take some panoramic shots but somehow my camera refused to acknowledge my memory cards as from Olympus itself. Damn stupid.

Basically at 九份, its jus to eat and buy more food. The streets are narrow, only about four person abreast wide sometimes. And its not helped when some small lorries tried to squeeze in to unload their goods.

So we just walked and take our time. Around us are mostly tourists, mainly from Hong Kong and Singapore, occasionally some Taiwanese. One of the reason why i prefer free-and-easy tour is there is no time limit to how long i can spend at a location. If i were to come to 九份 as part of a tour group, i will at most be given 2 hours? How to see, buy and eat to my heart’s content in two hours?

The first thing i ate in 九份, braised eel noodle.

Got a lot of long hard bones in the fish, overall not bad.

Another thing i tried, 福州魚丸面.

After eating, we decide to find one cafe with a view to relax and rest. After all, we don’t have any time limit, do we?

My friends needed to use umbrella as the rain got heavier. It was nice to sit inside the cafe and overlook the town, unhurried when groups of tourists were busying buying stuff and eating and trying to make it back to their tour bus all at the same time.

After slacking in the cafe for 2 hours, we decide to walk back and buy what we needed to. For friends, families, colleagues etc. Felt so much like a auntie then.

With a heavy stomach, heavy plastic bags full of food, we took a bus back to the train station to take the bus back to Taipei. The hotel room was never so welcoming before.

By the time we were re-charged and ready to explore again, it was already time for dinner. Back to士林夜市 since we can do more shopping as well.

After dinner, we decide to find some cafe near our hotel and relax.

Weird, but i saw this sign from afar and for once, i actually don’t miss our chicken rice.

End of day 4. Totally shagged out from the train rides.