Was persuaded by my girlfriend to watch the “National Treasure, Book of Secrets" today.

For those who are familiar and have caught the first show, Ben Gates is back this time to try to clear his great great-grandfather’s name, after being accused of being the main mastermind behind the assassination of the then president Abrams Lincoln.

However, if you have not seen the first one, and you are interested in the second, pls see here first.

I have always like to compare the first movie with “Da Vinci Code" since they revolve around the main characters running around countries to solve puzzles, riddles and get themselves into more puzzles and riddles to unravel the truth or treasure. The second movie makes no exception. To prove that his great great grandfather was not the main architect behind the assassination, Ben Gates with the help of his friends and parents this time, seek to find the “Golden City". Only the very presence of the city itself will prove his ancestors’ innocence.

So they, in order to seek the truth and the location of the “Golden City", have to sneak into Buckingham Palace, White House and even kidnapped the president.

How did this movie fare for me?

1) Storyline – 20 / 30%

The storyline did not seem fantastic to me, maybe i was expecting something else. Although the link from the clues to the places they have to visit sounds convincing, the start of the show didn’t.

2) Entertainment value – 17 / 25%

Its pretty engaging for me to watch without feeling bored. To some people (ie my girlfriend) the whole act of going and getting the clues rocks their boat but somehow i was not fascinated.

3) Cast – 15 / 25%

If you like Nicolas Cage, you will like this show without the adventure part. I don’t.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20%

The overall pace and flow is pretty even, you don’t get too excited (not even when they are in the car chase or cave) and you don’t get bored (with the talking part).

Overall: 70

Helped by its strong on-going pace and flow of the show, let down by the initial starting plot, this show is still watchable but won’t make it to my must watch list.