Went to watch “The Golden Compass" today at Suntec Eng Wah.

This is part one of a trilogy, similar to Lord of the Rings. The original book by Philips Pullman, “The Dark Materials" was only recently written, somewhere in 2001? The book was heavily criticized by christians for being anti-churches. The portrayal of the “Magisterium" inside the book / show is somewat compared to churches for suppressing what would be conflicting to their centuries old beliefs.

Enuff of controversies.

The show itself is not long, started at 12:30 and ended just before 2:15. It began by explaining that parallel universes exist alongside each other and in the one which this story revolves in, souls of human exist in a physical form (known as daemons) alongside the belonging human.

Now, here is a complicated part that i didn’t quite catch. There is a relationship between the daemons, their humans and dust that enables one to move to another parallel universe. Something i noticed about this show, is that the storytelling is very weak. The whole story somehow progress awkwardly, some parts are jus inserted into the main story flow and i felt things maybe would have been smoother if another director is at the helm.

Nonetheless, Nicole Kidman and the young girl Dakota Blues Richard are pretty watchable, jus able to support the whole show. The armor polar bears are a sight too.

The story protagonist is this young girl named “Lyra" (Dakota Blues Richard), niece of Sir Asriel (Daniel Craig). Inquisitive and brave, she was led into an unexpected adventure into the northern islands when her friend was missing and she agreed to be a helper for Miss Coulter (Nicole Kidman). Things didn’t quite turn out the way she expected, especially when she was handed a alethiomete, aka golden compass by her school’s headmaster?

So, as the story progress, she meets more people, both good and bad. She meets a polar bear ex-prince, helping it to find its way back to its deserving throne. She manages to save her friends, blah blah blah. The story continues in part two, “The Subtle Knife".

Now, as a movie, i think i would like to judge them according to the 4 points below.

1) Storyline – 30%

2) Entertainment value – 25%

3) Cast –  25%

4) Pace / Flow – 20%

For “The Golden Compass", i think i would grade it as such:

1) Storyline – 23%

The story is pretty good, there is more to come from the second and third installments to continue to tell how “dust" can be so important to what the people believed in.

2) Entertainment value – 15%

I feel that given the story, the show could have been more captivating.

3) Cast – 17%

Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Dakota are watchable, adding to the viewability of this show despite the main flaw which is the next point.

4) Pace / Flow  – 10%

Now this is the main flaw of the show. Hard to describe in words unless you see the show for yourself.

So in all, “The Golden Compass" gets a 65 from me. Wonder if this first part of the trilogy makes enuff for New Line to consider making the next 2?