Day 2 begins rather early. However, 西門盯 shops dun open tat early. We managed to find one eatery for breakfast.

I ordered a bowl of 摃丸面 which is, em, nothing extraordinary but comes with a big meat ball.

My friend ordered a bowl of dry mee. After seeing what he’s having, i think i am better off.

We are to change hotel to KDM for the rest of the stay because its supposedly more convenient. After changing hotel, we went down to the 新光三越 which is actually a few very big shopping complexes lumped together. By the time we settled all the moving, its time for lunch.

A bowl of 四川湯 which i missed so much. One of my favourites during cold weather during my JC days.

A plate of fried 鍋貼 and 牛肉湯面. Yes, no meat, only soup. Damn.

After lunch, we finally reached 新光三越.

You dun see christmas decorations like this Swarovski tree in singapore.

While leaving the area, we saw a bunch of people sitting on the floor, staring at a huge screen from one of the buildings. Turned out that they are supporters for the Taiwan baseball team, which was just about to go against the Japanese team for a place in the Olympics. Patriotic bunch of people, again something you won’t see in singapore.

We went to Taipei 101 next. Didn’t want to take the expensive lift (yes, u have to pay to go up) so we hang around the shopping area.

We then went to 京華城 which turned out to be a ghost shopping center. There was barely anyone there, much like the Times Sq in KL with 1/2 the crowd. Dinner was at the foodcourt there and this was the meal that sucks. Didn’t bother to take photos too.

Gotta retire early for the nite since we need to wake up early the next day for the train ride to Hualien.

End of Day 2.