We took Jetstar flight to Taiwan, reached there app 6:30pm. From the airport, we took a bus to the Taipei Main Station. The bus trip took around 1 hr and cost NT$125.

Taipei Main station is a MRT and train station in one. You can take trains from here to 花蓮, Kaoshiong etc or by their MRT to 士林 or nearby places. We stopped a while in the main station to collect the train tickets we booked online earlier for the trip to 花蓮 . I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures because i was still carrying 2 back packs and too cold to move around. After collecting the tickets, we hurried to the MRT to take to 西門盯where our first hotel is located.

The hotel is FutureStar, aka 明日大飯店. No translation between the chinese and english names. Its a budget kinda hotel not unlike the hotel81 in singapore. In fact, while checking in, we saw one young couple checking out, likely to have just finished their happy hour.

The room was small for 3 person. I think the size is comparable to hotel81, jus enuff to sleep and nothing else.

We didn’t stay long, decide to bump around 西門盯 and grab something to bite before heading down to 士林夜市 for dinner. Got a Mac-Pork burger to ease our hunger first.

We finished up the burger before i whipped out my camera.

On to 士林夜市. Just looking back at the photos again make me drool.

Notice the super long and fat sausage.

This is cuttlefish soup, called 花枝羹.

Us attacking the 蝦仁煎.

This is one of my favourite, hotplate chicken cutlet. At NT$150 and comes with soup and free flow ice tea, this is one of the most value for money and fulfilling dish around. The stall is right next to the 豪大大雞排 which singaporeans are so familiar with.

湯包. Another must eat when visiting 士林夜市. The stall name is 李計, you cannot miss its big yellow signboards.

This is the stall that inspired someone to sell fried chicken cutlet in singapore, branding shilin market snacks. The queue too long for us, so we give it up. I tried it once on my earlier trip and its not fantastic.

With a bulging stomach, we crossed the junction to the real 夜市 where stalls lined up along the streets, selling anything from clothes to phone pouches to toys to pets to fortune telling stalls and many many more.

Its the end of Day 1. We had to take the train back since the last service is around 1130pm. By the time we reached back 西門盯, the shops are mostly closed. Time to retire for the night, the jetstar flight was really uncomfortable.