Lets take a break from the recount of the trip and look at the differences Otakus in Taipei and Singapore face.

1. In singapore, there is not a lot to choose from. I mean companies which bring anime to the market. You have the much hated Odex, BlueMax and nothing else i can remember. In Taipei, there are ProWell, Gonzo, Kadokawa and many others. With many players, there is competition which is healthy for the market and a boon for consumers. In Taipei, companies strived to being out the latest and best for otakus. Sadly in singapore, Bluemax releases Naruto and Odex the rest (not a lot too), competition not unlike SBS and TIBS (what competition?). Thats why, the market of anime in singapore is way way below that of Taiwan.

2. Because of #1, the number of titles in singapore are way way below that of Taipei. I see so many titles there that i won’t even dream of seeing in singapore. SOS full series is already out. They have a lot of the .hack// series which is non-existent in singapore.

3. Again because of #1, series come out faster in Taipei. Say for instance, Full Metal Alchemist. The DVD box set 1 and 2 were there. I didn’t know how long box 2 come after box 1 but i gave up waiting in singapore. Box 2 was taking too long, too much to dampen the viewing momentum. Thanks Odex btw.

4. I bet the translation in Taipei is better too, for the chinese reading crowd like me. I always prefer to watch my anime with chinese subtitles. The Naruto box sets i buy, some come with missing subtitles. Never bought from Odex so i dunnoe how bad they are.

5. Box sets bought from Taipei come in beautiful covers and designs. I still haven’t see the Appleseed box set that i bought from Taipei in singapore yet. Patlabor III the movie also. Otakus in singapore are just so deprived, the desperados having to rely on the sick silver tabbed boxes from Odex to satisfy their hunger. Otakus in singapore should organize a trip to Taipei to sweep up all the anime for a year’s viewing instead of depending on companies like Odex.

I am glad that as a half-fucked Otaku, my trip to Taipei this time round has been very fruitful indeed, enuff for a year’s viewing if i ration myself. Until my next trip that is. Bwahahahaha…