After 7 days in Taiwan, i really feel reluctant to come back.

Firstly, the weather. Although i caught a slight cold after the hot springs and a numb throat from all the 炸雞排, i still love the weather there. I can literally count the number of times i sweat. I can walk all day, carrying a big bag while wearing a coat without feeling tired or greasy. At the end of the day, i can still smell the powder i put on. (speaking of which, i lost the bottle of powder, no thanks to the damaged zipper on my back-pack)

Secondly, the food. I love the mee-suan, the hot-plate western food, the dumplings etc. Good food don’t come with a high price there i learn. Of all the meals / dishes i had in Taipei / Hualian, only one sucks. Even then, i think it taste better than what i get in food courts in singapore.

Thirdly, the girls people. They really put in a lot of effort to make sure that they are presenting their best. Guys would put on best outfits while the girls would probably have spent hours dolling themselves up. I can sit at Starbucks at XiMenDing for hours watching the people walking by and won’t feel tired. Its definitely more interesting than TCS shows.

Oh, i forgot to mention that Taiwanese people are so friendly that you may even find them slightly intruding on your private space. The cabbie we hired in Hua Lien was ultra-friendly, so much so that one of my friend was actually getting slightly irritated by his constant suggestions to take photos everywhere in various poses. I guess he just want us to have fond memories of the places he was showing us. I enjoyed his company very much, even a bit the regretful at my own tao-ness.

I am compiling the photos now and i hope to bring a day by day account of the places and food i encountered. I think this will help anyone who is planning for a trip to Taiwan.

Keep expecting.