KNNBCCB. Its not even 9am and my super irritating neighbour is blasting her bloody gospel songs again. And worse, she is talking (very loudly) to another neighbour’s maid about why people should believe in jesus. Great. What a fantastic way to start a weekend.

Now the reason why i hate am not inclined towards christianity as a religion is because many christians i see are very pushy in selling their beliefs. While i dun think jesus is a bad guy, in fact, i think i quite admire him but i think christians in the modern context are not behaving exactly to what jesus had hoped for. By all means, spread ur religion. However, they never seem to grasp the idea of letting go when they should. Get the idea of comfort zone in their heads for their god’s sake.

But the single most important thing that is really the last hay for me, is when they claimed that all those who do not believe in their god will be destined for hell. Now dun quote me, but this statement is not uncommon to come from christians’ mouth. I mean, yeah, believe in ur god, but do they have to speak bad about others? Especially when my neighbour was saying non-jesus believers like buddhist are doomed. Hell is where they go after death.

Fuck this stupid theory.

I am a buddhist. I believe that living a life as what i have done would not be what ideal buddhist should be doing so Hell is most probably my final destination. And given what i always hear, hell maybe the place i most want to be, because that place will be free of christians who can only think so highly of their own. Thats why i stick steadfast to my nick as helldiver.