I was packing my bag late last nite and need to check out my item list on my Palm TX when i noticed that the touchscreen is not exactly working.

I can still on the damn thing, the physical buttons are working fine, but the buttons on the screen bottom are not. I simply cannot tap the Grafitti writing pad, change the orientation or any other buttons which are near the bottom of the screen. I have to repeatedly poke at the screen, trying different positions in order to get some reaction.

So decide not to go down to Sitex today, maybe Sim Lim can offer some place for repair or something. I checked out the Palm webby and found out that they are not very friendly when it comes to support services like repair. I literally have to send the whole thing down overseas for a check and that would cost me $215 even before they open up the package. What the hell?!?!?!

Somemore, i heard that changing the touchscreen is very costly, around $200. I am damned pissed that this must happen before my trip, esp when i intend to bring it over.

Stupid Palm. TX will be my first and last.