Today i received news of the latest release of Revoltech for Patlabor series.

First is #40, the most anticipated of the 3. Its ARL-99B, Helldiver. Its the japan army parachute-deployed labor which i think is cooler than the Ingram used by Noa, the main character.





Next is #41, the Brocken labor which was produced by Schaft Enterprise Europe for the army use. Comes in the normal blue and red which was seen in the OVA. Which one do you think i should get?BK1




The red one looks nicer in my opinion.

Last is #42, also come in 2 version. Ingram 1 and Ingram 2. Piloted by Noa Izumi and Ohta respectively.


Now i intend to get 2 Helldivers, 1 red Brocken and 1 Ingram #1. These would really allow me to setup a scene from the comics / movie / OVA which then i can take photos with. Gotta burn a hole in my pocket soon, but i am sure its all worth it.